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Lucy Dean

Lucy is a multi-talented artist, equally capable of producing her own stunning works of art and leading workshops to create astonishing collaborative pieces. Click here to contact Lucy.



Art work

The starting point of Lucy's mixed media artwork is often found in naturally occurring patterns found in her local environment. Drawing on Victorian ornithological influences, Lucy's current series "Illusionary Birds" captures and reflects through detailed design an emotional response to the birds, which draws the viewer in for a closer look. Limited edition prints of theses unique artworks are available to buy.


Previous collections have included "Structures" and "Geometry In Nature".




With a degree in theatre design, Lucy is a community artist of 25 years standing and a qualified secondary school teacher. Lucy believes everyone is creative - they may just need some direction harnessing their abilities.


Lucy works with different groups in a wide range of settings, delivering art workshops and training events to those who are new to creativity and / or who lack confidence. Her manner is engaging and encouraging so participants are able to achieve marvellous work, whether it's individual pieces or a collaborative project.


Lucy excels in creating bespoke workshops for professionals so that they can deliver inspiring art activities to their service users, whether they be children or adults with early onset dementia. "I have employed Lucy for a number of years to lead children's workshops for my charity, as well as delivering training for my staff so that they can build on Lucy's marvellous ideas and concepts" Leanne Jones (Gingerbread Corner)


Contact Lucy to discuss a collaboration you may have in mind.

Artwork selection

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These four birds are part of the series "Illusionary Birds", there are seven bird images currently in the set. With two more in production for launch in November. These detailed A2 pencil drawings are available to buy as gorgeous quality limited edition prints, prices not including P&P are A2 £45 and A3 £30, and A5 cards with envelopes £3.50


The original bird drawings are £350.


All other artwork prices available on request as prints or as original pieces.

Collaboration selection

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Art courses


Lucy regularly runs a number of art courses, one off classes and gives presentations developing new skills and harnessing the participants creative thinking so that they can confidently create their own works of art. "You are a great teacher and a true inspiration. I love your workshops. If there are any creatives or wanna-have-a-go people out there, this is where you need to be on a Tuesday night." Jacqui Stewart (Cotton Candy)






Lucy has been commissioned for paintings, drawings, murals and events, buy individuals, local government, national organisations, schools, environmental groups, small businesses and charities etc. "Lucy regularly works at Butlers Farmhouse in the garden, and has not only created several fun bird topiaries but also developed a Steampunk themed garden with sculptures and a mural, which the visitors to the B&B and the open days for the National Garden Scheme thoroughly enjoy." Irene Eltringham-Willson (Butlers farmhouse B&B)




New projects


Lucy is always interested in developing new ideas and concepts, collaboratively or on her own, and is currently working up several new projects, including:




Apsara Arts

Arthouse Cafe

Butlers Farmhouse

Chaseley Trust

Croydon Clocktower Museum and Gallery

Croydon Youth Theatre Organisation

Gingerbread Corner

Devonshire Collective

Fairfield Halls

Honeywood Lodge Museum

L B Sutton Council

National Archive

Printers Playhouse

Phoenix Centre

Savvy Theatre

Sutton Carers Centre

Sutton College of Liberal Arts

Sutton Ecology Centre

Wandle Valley School

WOMAD festival